Bryan Lindsey

Principal | Architect

Bryan Lindsey's interest in architecture began in his formative years while growing up in a rural developing community in western North Carolina. He cultivated his design skills while earning a bachelor’s degree at Virginia Tech. Starting his carrier with a well-known Charleston residential design firm in 2001. Then onto San Francisco with a focus on retail architecture, followed by a return to Charleston, S.C. to expand his residential and restaurant experience. Upon moving to Hawaii, Bryan studied and practiced bamboo architecture with a local prefab home company.

His most notable experiences come from travel. A six month intensive architecture program throughout Europe exposed him to classical and contemporary architecture. Following school, it was imperative to Bryan to understand the richness of the American vernacular. For nearly a year, Bryan explored and documented American architecture and landscapes. Prior to coming to Hawaii, he lived in Tokyo for 2 years. There he was immersed in ancient temple architecture and internationally renowned contemporary architecture. This diverse experience is the seed of creativity that drives BLA.

Ginny DeBell

associate | senior designer

Horace Dinu

associate | senior designer

Josh Hagan

associate | on-site liaison